Experience the 4×4 trails of Mpumalanga

We have a variety of animals here at Komati Gorge, which you can expect to see when you go on a game drive.

Baboon; Black Backed Jackal; Blesbok; Blue Wildebeest; Brown Hyena; Bushbuck; Bush pig; Common Reedbuck; Caracal; Eland; Grey Duiker; Grey Rhebok; Impala; Klipspringer; Kudu; Large spotted genet; Leopard; Mountain reedbuck; Nile monitor; Oribi; Otter (Cape clawless); Porcupine; Red Hartebeest; Red Rock Rabbit; Rock Hyrax; Scrub Hare; Serval; Side-striped jackal; Slender Mongoose; Steenbok; Vervet monkey; Warthog; Water buck; Water mongoose; White-tailed Mongoose; Zebra (Burchell’s)

There is, however, a booking restriction that requires a minimum of 4 people per game drive or a maximum of 10, so if you bring your family and lots of friends, you might have to split onto groups for separate game drives. Bring your binoculars and torches along for an enhanced game driving experience.

Have the time of your life on our 4×4 trails in Mpumalanga

Wet, muddy, rocky and exhilarating! Our Mountain Drive 4×4 Trails in Mpumalanga is one of the most loved 4×4 Trails in Mpumalanga. If you have a 4×4 and you’re looking for a new challenge to test your limits, we have a great trail on our reserve that crosses the river and even drives along it in some places. Beware when there has been lots of rain and the river is flowing strong. You just might get a bit wet.

As far as 4×4 Trails in Mpumalanga go, we have a very popular trail among locals and nationals alike. Not only does the trail take you to places with some of the most beautiful scenery in Mpumalanga, you stand a good chance to see some great wildlife on your drive. There are certain parts of the trail only recommended for expert 4×4 drivers, like Scaredy Cat Loop, and then there are just plain fun spots with lots of mud or gorgeous views.

If you want to combine adrenalin with romance, you can take your partner on a blood rushing drive up to the waterfall hiking trail and then hike up to the waterfall for a lovely picnic, packed by the lodge. Just be sure that the picnic basket is secure somewhere in the vehicle, otherwise your lunch will be mighty scrambled by the time you get to the waterfall hiking trail. We have one of the more rocky 4×4 Trails in Mpumalanga.

You could make it a romantic expedition, or a fun team activity – instead of doing the usual thing you do every weekend, why not come to stay at our lodge for a couple of nights and bring all your friends with 4×4’s along. After a wholesome breakfast in our restaurant, you can all go explore on of the famous 4×4 Trails in Mpumalanga and if you find a spot next to the river that you like, nothing is stopping you from jumping in to cool down or just to wash off all the mud.

Crossing the river on our 4×4 trails might be a tricky task. If you are an experienced 4×4 driver, please make sure that you are following the proper safety measures to prevent any accidents from occurring. We pride ourselves in having one of the best 4×4 Trails in Mpumalanga, but we urge you to be sensible and responsible when you use it.

The use of our trails is free of charge. See the map for our Mountain Drive 4×4 Trails in Mpumalanga.

a. 4x4 trails in Mpumalanga

Apart from the 4×4 trails on our reserve, Komati Gorge Lodge has a variety of pathways laid out across the reserve that we use to take our guests on game drives. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride in a properly fitted 4×4 game drive vehicle with comfortable seats so you can enjoy nature at its best.

There is more than enough wild on our reserve to ensure wildlife sightings on your game drive, and more than that, you can enjoy the fresh air with the wind in your hair. Your guide will take you to all the spots where the wildlife often spends their time and show you lookout points with a view that mesmerizes.

There aren’t many lodges in Mpumalanga that can offer you a game drive after breakfast or lunch, but Komati Gorge 4 Star Lodge does. Spoil yourself and be a witness of the breathtaking nature at our lodge.

• All game drives are guided activities.
• All guests must be seated on the game viewer – no one is allowed to stand up in the vehicle.
• Please keep all body parts inside the vehicles.
• Guest must keep quiet when close to animals during wildlife sightings.
• No guest will be allowed off of the vehicle without permission.