Try Horse Riding in Mpumalanga plains

Horses have been around for as long as humans have documented their existence. Many rock paintings and cave drawings include horses as well. They used to be the preferred mode of transport for centuries until the car was invented in the early 1900’s. Horse driven carts and carriages transported thousands of people before the engine was designed, but to this day, there are still parts of the world that use horses or camels as their primary form of transportation.

Horse riding in Mpumalanga is but a booking away

Even in more developed countries, some policemen use horse riding in Mpumalanga, South Africa and the rest of the world as a means of controlling crowds or monitoring certain areas with the benefits of being able to patrol more terrain and not being restricted to roads.

In today’s time, horse riding in Mpumalanga and other parts of the country is mainly associated with competitive racing, like the Durban July, but some people prefer going on peaceful horse riding trails instead. If you decide to come and stay at Komati Gorge Lodge, we can combine looking for wildlife with horse riding in Mpumalanga.

Not many lodges offer horse riding as an activity for their guests and even if they do, it is usually not on eco estate. Most places where you can go horse riding also have beautiful views, but there are no animals to be seen while enjoying their horse riding trails. At Komati Gorge Lodge, we take horse riding in Mpumalanga to the next level and take you on our horse riding trails which are bound to lead you to the many plains game and other animals on the reserve.

Experiencing wildlife on horseback is about as close to nature as it gets without it being too intimidating. Our horse riding trails are specifically chosen to maximize your chances of finding wildlife on our reserve. There will also be a trained guide with you at all times and our horses are extremely well mannered, as well as trained to follow a set of basic instructions. Komati Gorge Resort offers a 30 minute or 1.5-hour trail through the reserve and there are also quick rides for kids at the lodge.

If you have never ridden a horse before but it is one of the things to do on your bucket list, Komati Gorge Lodge can offer you horse riding in Mpumalanga that you won’t easily find elsewhere. Being in charge of such a powerful animal and feeling the wind on your skin while walking on our horse riding trails is an unparalleled feeling.

For anyone looking at experiencing horse riding in Mpumalanga, Komati Gorge Lodge is one of the resorts you have to visit. We have a beautiful team of healthy horses who call our reserve home. The people dedicated to keeping our horses happy, love them as much as life and we treat our horses with respect for the majestic animals that they are.

Our horse riding trails are for game viewing purposes only. We do not allow reckless or excessively irresponsible riding on our reserve. We insist that strictly walking and no cantering or running is allowed with the horses. More adventurous rides can be arranged for the experienced riders.

We recommend a 30 guide-lead trail for all the inexperienced or young riders who would like to experience the reserve on horseback but is a bit afraid of riding alone. Please note that the horses all have a 95kg’s weight-bearing restriction. For the more experienced riders, we have a 1.5 hour Horse Riding Trail. If your child would like to go on a quick ride around the lodge, we also provide shorter guide-lead rides.

We have nearly unrivaled horse riding in Mpumalanga with breathtaking scenes of natural beauty where you may also encounter various species of game. We have trails suitable for the inexperienced and more experienced riders alike.

Come and witness the magic of the Komati Gorge Reserve on horseback.

Lodge rules for Horse Riding Trails are as follows:

  • Always stay behind the guide.
  • Only walking with horses is allowed, unless arranged otherwise with guide.
  • Never let your horse run, trot or canter when you are on your way back home.
  • Do not fall behind with your horse – stay with the group.
  • Do not mistreat the horses please.

Horse Rides Price: 1-Hour Trail R240.00 per person

Horse Rides Price: 30 min Lead Trail R150.00 per person

Horse riding in Mpumalanga

Horse Riding in Mpumalanga