Looking for pet friendly accommodation

Bring your little furry friends (husbands and children are also welcome) and relax in this hamlet of thatched cottages, which provides affordable luxury in a most dramatic setting. Pets stay free at this pet friendly accommodation in Mpumalanga. The dogs are guaranteed to love it but be prepared for their newfound ‘farm dog identity’. Enjoy the peaceful trip back home as your exhausted furry friends sleep contentedly in the back.

Small pet friendly accommodation in Mpumalanga

We love animals, wild and tame, and we have a beautiful big dog that calls the reserve its home. Going on holiday should be a joyous occasion, but leaving your pets in kennels can be heart breaking. Here at Komati Gorge 4 Star Lodge, we welcome your furry friends, as long as they are small breed dogs and litter box trained cats. Let them tag along on your family holiday and come stay at our lodge – we have plenty of dog-friendly accommodation. It is only in the River Lodge rooms where pets are not allowed.

Cats are welcome, too, although they are not really known to enjoy driving, but you can sedate them for the journey and bring them here where they’ll have a whole new environment to explore. Caged birds are also welcome; just make sure they are secure and safe from other birds of prey in the area. Bring your monkey, chinchilla, anteater or hamster; any small breed pets are welcome, as long as you attain permission when you book your stay with us. Feel free to bring your furry friends along; we offer pet friendly accommodation in Mpumalanga for all animals (except lions and crocodiles).

You can take your dogs for a lovely swim in the stretch of the Komati River that runs through our reserve or go on a hike, just be sure to put your dogs on a leash if they are not accustomed to wildlife. The last thing we want is for your beloved pet to be kicked by a zebra, because we all know Jack Russells think they are mighty lions. As one of the few places that offer pet-friendly accommodation in Mpumalanga, we ask that you respect our rules and regulations to ensure that we continue to allow pets on our reserve.

Unfortunately, we only allow small breed dogs to accompany you on your visit and they are not allowed in the restaurant. We also ask that you bring all your own pet accessories, such as bowls, brushes and beds, as well as their food. Pets are not allowed on the lodge’s beds and any damages caused by your pets will be billed to your account. Even though we can offer you pet friendly accommodation in Mpumalanga, we reserve the right to cancel your stay if you do not adhere to the Pet Policy.

  • Please note: NO large breed dogs allowed, ONLY small breeds – inquire before booking please.
  • All pets MUST be declared before arrival – when booking is made.
  • DO NOT leave pets unattended. If you plan to leave your dog unattended rather leave it at a kennel.
  • NO pets may be left unattended in the units.
  • We don’t allow dogs in our River lodge hotel rooms, all other units are pet-friendly.
  • We only allow 2 dogs per unit.
  • All cats & caged birds are welcome all year round.
  • Pets sleep in the units – bring own pet beds, bedding & bowls. Dogs are not permitted on the furniture and must be free of fleas and ticks on arrival.
  • If dogs leave muddy paw stains on any linen you will be charged.
  • Pets are NOT allowed in restaurant.
  • Note, ticks are prevalent in this area and pets must be treated before arriving.
  • Consideration must be given to other guests and dogs must not be left unattended and allowed to bark constantly.
  • Pets stay FREE.
  • Doggie Damages is the owner’s responsibility. Damages will be charged to owners account.
  • Pets must be leashed when around main buildings, restaurant and public areas. Pets must be under owner’s control at all times.
  • Don’t feed other people’s pets.
  • Don’t allow other people’s pets at units.
  • DON’T allow other pets except your own to go with on hikes.
  • Consideration must be given to resident dogs, horses & wildlife.
  • We reserve the right to cancel your reservation or stay with us at any moment if not adhered to the above requirements.
Pet Friendly Accommodation in Mpumalanga