Interested in rock Climbing in Mpumalanga?

We are big fans of the extreme and rock climbing in Mpumalanga surely rates as one of the more extreme things to do. There are plenty of mountains and rock faces to climb on the 2000 hectare farm and you are very welcome to climb, but you do so at your own risk. Komati Gorge Gorge Lodge does not provide equipment or guides for mountain climbing. There are 4 marked routes and a 30m abseil route. Rock Climbing is done with your own equipment and nobody is allowed mountain climbing if an indemnity has not been signed. The various hiking trails on the property provide varying levels of difficulty to suit all tastes.

Get rock climbing in Mpumalanga

Rock climbing in Mpumalanga is not for the faint of heart; it takes plenty of practice and skill, as well as strength and stamina to master the art of outdoor rock climbing. Many beginners prefers to practice indoors with plenty of safety measures taken to prevent injuries, but the experts have found many mountains where they can embrace the extreme rock climbing in Mpumalanga and surrounding areas.

For the brave and the exploratory people out there who would like to try some outdoor rock climbing at our reserve, we have a few tips before you begin:

  • Practice – Before you decide to take the bull by the horns, consider going to an indoor facility where you can practice rock climbing. It’s much safer than starting off with outdoor rock climbing in Mpumalanga, even though it is not as exciting, but you will gain the strength in the necessary muscles of your body and confidence in using the equipment when you practice indoors. Make sure you learn from the experienced climbers and get tips as you go.
  • Learn the Lingo – If you want to walk the walk, you have to learn to talk the talk. Make sure you know what every piece of equipment is called and that you understand the terms to ensure good communication with fellow climbers. Things like the harness, belaying, rappelling and carabiners are must-know terms for indoor and outdoor rock climbing in Mpumalanga and most parts of the world, for that matter.
  • Confidence – be sure that you are 100% confident and ready for outdoor rock climbing in Mpumalanga before you head out into nature. Try to perfect your technique and build your stamina as far as possible while you have the safety benefits indoors. Outdoor rock climbing is more challenging than you’d expect, even if you think you are an expert indoors.
  • Be Safe – When you are ready to brave outdoor rock climbing in Mpumalanga, keep in mind that you should pay close attention to every move you make, because one mistake outdoors can mean serious injuries. No amount of indoor climbing can prepare you for the challenges of outdoor rock climbing.
  • Go in Groups – Rock climbing in Mpumalanga is not something you do alone. Take experienced climbers with you and make sure you are all on the same page in regards with your experience. Remember to take sunscreen, a hat and bug repellant with you; the last thing you need is the sun in your eyes or a flying insect to distract you.
  • Be Smart – Don’t rely on other climbers to ensure your safety. Make sure you know how to tie your own knots and double check that all the safety measures are in place before you start to ascend a rock face. Continue to check your anchors as you go and stay alert all the time.
  • Exercise – Stiffness and cramps can be detrimental to rock climbers, so make sure that you warm up properly and stretch your muscles before you begin. Drink plenty of water before hand and always have a good breakfast to sustain you for a day’s worth of climbing. Remember, your legs do most of the work, so make sure you keep them strong by exercising regularly.
  • Be afraid – A little bit of fear goes a long way. Every human being has to have even just an ounce of fear of heights and falling; this is natural and almost necessary for every good rock climber. It keeps you alert and thinking clearly when you have something to fear and its part of the adrenaline rushing fun as well. There’s no place for complacency in Rock Climbing.
  • Trust – You have to have complete trust in your belayer. The person at the bottom, holding your rope tight for you is your most important safety feature and if you don’t trust your belayer, you cannot focus on your climb. Trust is a key ingredient in rock Climbing.
  • Love it – Once you fall in love with rock climbing, odds are that you’ll want to do it more and more. It will take up most of your spare time, so it’s only natural that you own your own equipment. Climbing shoes should be on the top of your list, as they are integral to good grip and comfort while you climb.