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Komati Gorge Lodge is one of the most gorgeous Mpumalanga resorts and the owners, who also run the lodge, have decided to share their beauty with anyone who also falls in love with the surroundings at their Komati 4 Star Lodge.

The stands were proclaimed some years ago and four were sold, but it was later decided to take them off the market. Three of the stands at our Komati 4 Star Lodge were recently moved and a further 2 stands were registered, bringing the total number of stands to 17. Many have already been sold and only a few stands are still for sale.

lifestyle in Mpumalanga

Because we are one of the unique Mpumalanga Resorts, The Komati Gorge is an exclusive development and differs from other developments of its kind in the following ways:

  • It will remain one of the small and intimate Mpumalanga Resorts as no further stands will be registered.
  • The property is completely debt free.
  • This Komati 4 Star Lodge is already well established.
  • Stand owners will have access to all lodge facilities.
  • Stands do not have to be sold to continue with the development – What you see is what you get. This does not mean that other facilities will not be added in the future.
  • There are no land claims on the property.
  • You get full title to the property, rather than share block.
Ownership of property automatically entitles the owner to membership of the Landowner’s Association that owns the remainder of the farm.
Date to commence building is not prescribed but once building starts, it must be completed within 12 months.  The house may not exceed 375 square meters or have more than 4 bedrooms.  Houses are required to conform to specific architectural requirements as laid down by the Architectural Review Committee which is appointed by the Landowners Association of Komati 4 Star Lodge.

The developer undertakes to provide water and access roads to each property and provide ESKOM power to a transformer close to each property.  It will be the responsibility of the owner to take power to his property from the transformer.

A monthly levy will cover the following services:

  • Repair, upkeep, control, management and administration of the common property and the development, including all staff costs.
  • Maintenance of roads, dams, bridges and fences.
  • Security services.
  • Supply of water.
  • Firefighting and control and adherence to the Veld and Forest fire Act.
  • Soil erosion prevention.
  • Provision and maintenance of necessary equipment, vehicles and implements.
  • Maintenance of sport, recreational and entertainment facilities.
  • Financial management of the development, collection of levies, bookkeeping and auditing.
  • Creation of contingency and reserve funds for expenditure not of an annual nature.

Other optional services are envisaged:

  • Maintenance of owner’s residence
  • Provision of servants
  • Provision of firewood
  • Laundry service
  • Gardening and cleaning
  • Cleaning of windows
  • Refuse removal
  • Cleaning services before and after visits

Regular airing and pest control

The legal entity governing the Landowner’s Association is a Section 21 Company.

Owners automatically become Members of the company.  The Company owns the remainder of the farm Waterval JT424 in extent over 1100 hectares for the benefit and utilization of owners and occupants.

The Landowner’s Association will determine the service charge (levies) payable by each member and manages and controls the business affairs of the development, it appoints the Managing Agent and appoints the Architectural Review Committee.

The Landowner’s Association will adopt and apply various Rules regarding aspects such as:

  • Individual properties may not be fenced.
  • Environmental control and preservation.
  • Fishing rules.
  • Conduct of owners and occupants.
  • Collection of refuse.

The stands are not being actively marketed at present, which is why there are no fancy brochures and other marketing aids.  However, many guests have shown an interest in the stands here at one of the most adventurous Mpumalanga Resorts and it is hoped that these notes will provide you with most of the information you need.

If you are interested in discussing the matter further, please contact management.

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