Experience White Water Rafting in Mpumalanga

One of the benefits of having a river flow through the Komati Gorge Gorge Lodge is the wet and wonderful activities it has to offer. Some of the best water related things to do in Mpumalanga can be done at our resort. White Water Rafting in Mpumalanga is the best when the river is flooding!

Foreigners travel to South Africa for the extreme white water rafting in Mpumalanga and other provinces in South Africa, but if you are not an expert, Komati River and the stretch in that runs through our reserve is ideal for the beginner or people who just want to have some wet fun.

It is such an adrenaline pumping activity. Imagine racing down a thundering river with the water as white as snow beneath you, trying to counter the force of the flow to steer the raft through the gauntlet of rocks and rifts. Time seems to slow down as every action you perform has to be done with lightning speed while water is splashing in your face and team-mates are screaming commands from behind – that’s one of the beauties of white water rafting in Mpumalanga.

Come stay at Komati 4 Star Lodge for a fun filled holiday and brace yourself for a thrilling ride down the river with your family or friends. When you get to the end of the white water, you’ll want to go back up to the starting point again and again; white water rafting in Mpumalanga surely is one of the more exciting things to do during summer months.

We are lucky enough to be situated in a summer rainfall district and when it rains, it pours! That means that our rivers are running wild during our warm summer months which make it the ideal circumstances for white water rafting in Mpumalanga. Here at Komati Gorge Lodge, we have a 3-seater raft to rent for our guests.

Komati Gorge is a great spot for white water rafting in Mpumalanga

Not always possible, depending on the rainfall and how fast the water is flowing, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun on Komati River.

We also have a couple of tractor tubes for our guests, free of charge. If the water is not wild enough for an adrenalin-charged rafting experience, you can lie back in a tractor tire and drift down the speeding river for an entirely different but almost equally exhilarating tubing experience instead. It is guaranteed fun for the whole family and it is a really great way to cool down.

There have been a few reported cases of injuries occurring while tubing in some places, so we ask parents to accompany younger kids on the tubes or keep close supervision while they enjoy having fun in the sun. And don’t forget your sunscreen!

Tubing is a much-loved activity in Mpumalanga and there is even an annual tube race in Sabie. Here at Komati Gorge Lodge, tubing is a regular occurrence and a very enjoyable activity while on holiday. With our summer heat lasting almost 3 out of four seasons, tubing is something you can enjoy most of the year.

Lodge Rules for Rafting and Tubing are as follows:

  • Be aware of bridges and weirs – Exit the river at safe distances before reaching a bridge or weir.
  • This is an unguided activity and completely at own risk.
  • Wear shoes if possible.
  • When in the water, always try and stay in a sitting position with feet facing down river.
Komati River Lodge has a canoe available for our guests, free of charge. Start the day with a brisk paddle up the river. Or, at the end of a perfect day, enjoy the tranquility of a slow cruise up the river while on the look out for kingfishers, otters, and Nile monitors.

A beautiful 1 km stretch of river which is just in front of the lodge allows for canoeing along the Komati River. As this part of the river is quite deep, paddling both up and down the river is easy. Lie back and relax while you slowly drift down the river, taking in the prolific bird life and the natural beauty of your surroundings.

Canoe up to the weir where you can get out and spend some time. Deep pools invite a cool swim. Take a picnic and enjoy a day with nature at its unspoiled best. Most dogs love this adventure as well. While we do not drink the water in the river, it is unpolluted and quite safe to swim in. Canoes are available for use at no charge. Canoes are used at your own risk.

The lodge also has paddle boats for our guests’ enjoyment, especially for young children who need to get rid of excess energy.

The Lodge Rules for Paddle boats and Canoeing are as follows:

  • Always tie the paddle boats down & take canoes out of the water after use.
  • Only use boats/canoes upriver and don’t go over rocks.
  • Consider other guests that also want to make use of boats/canoes.

white water rafting in mpumalanga
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