It is less than three hours from Johannesburg, between Carolina and Machadodorp.LODGES IN MPUMALANGA

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One of the most alluring lodges in Mpumalanga

A winding river, majestic cliffs, imposing krantzes and rolling hills – all these await you at Komati Gorge Lodge & Wildlife Reserve – one of the most alluring Lodges in Mpumalanga. This untouched expanse of more than 2500 hectares with its thorn bushveld and highveld grassland offers an unparalleled experience to lovers of the outdoors. Whether your interest is fishing, bird-watching, wildlife, boating, walking or just relaxing in a beautiful, tranquil setting, you’ll find what you want, and more, at Komati Gorge.

Wherever you look, you will see breathtaking scenes of natural beauty. Mysterious gorges, dense forests, cascading water, indigenous trees and flora and creatures of all kinds – from a brightly coloured butterfly to a stately kudu. All these creations of nature in one place. Come to the resort and experience the joy and tranquility of Komati Gorge 4 Star Lodge. It is less than three hours from Johannesburg on the Drakensberg Escarpment in Mpumalanga between Carolina and Machadodorp.

More Activities to do at and from Komati Gorge!


You can enjoy the best of both worlds – the comfort of modern, luxurious accommodation and facilities together with unspoiled surrounds that are an environmentalist’s dream. Everything else you could need or want is nearby in the main lodge – a small library, small conference facility, pool and a pub and restaurant offering good food and camaraderie.While you’re there, select your very own riverfront or river view stand which you can develop and make your own. Komati Gorge has 14 one-hectare stands for sale – one is waiting for you.

One of the most luxurious lodges in Mpumalanga

How would you like to experience the best-kept secret of Carolina? Traveling to one of the most luxurious Lodges in Mpumalanga like Komati Gorge Lodge is nothing special, but after all the unexciting scenery between Machadodorp and Carolina, the sight of our 4 Star Lodge nestled in a breathtaking mini canyon is a surprising sight indeed.

From the towering red rock faces, the abundant aloe plants and the wildlife that roams the reserve, this 4 Star Lodge is surrounded by breathtaking things to see and can offer you more than just luxury accommodation. Our rooms, suites and cottages are individually and stylishly decorated to suit our guests’ needs and they are all serviced every day. They are all thatch-roofed and equipped with all kinds of commodities for your convenience.
This 4 Star Lodge is one of the only Lodges in Mpumalanga that has a fly fishing dam on the property and about 12km of the Komati River runs through the reserve. There are quite a few designated spots for fly fishing along this stretch of the river and, chances are good, you will catch a nice big trout or yellowfish during the course of your stay with us.

Unlike all the other Lodges in Mpumalanga, Komati Gorge Lodge has over 10 outdoor activities for your entertainment. Some of these include Horse Riding, Rock Climbing and 4X4 Game drives, to name but a few. We are a 4 Star Lodge that also offer Spa Treatments and a select few massages to take off that edge, all subject to advance booking.

Please note that we don’t have cell phone reception at the lodge, but there is free Wi-Fi available at the Lodge.

One of the most popular lodges in Mpumalanga for a great getaway

If you are looking for a one of a kind venue to throw a birthday party or treat your employees to a year-end function at one of the best lodges in Mpumalanga, our 4 Star Lodge is equipped to host small weddings, parties, conferences, team building events for up to 30 people and more.

Tired of doing the same thing every weekend? Why not break out of your routine and grab a few friends, bring your bathing suits and hiking shoes and come explore one of the Lodges in Mpumalanga with the most outdoor activities. To make things more interesting, while staying at the 4 Star Lodge, bring your friends and enjoy various activities, like horse riding or a thrilling game of paintball. Let Komati Gorge offer you a great getaway.

We do offer camping as well, but if camping is not something you’d enjoy, staying in one of our more luxurious self-catering rooms will surely be much more comfortable for you. Komati Gorge is the ideal destination for a family holiday; it is challenging to spend quality time with your teenagers when they are constantly typing away on their phones. At this hidden 4 Star Lodge, you won’t have that problem because we are one of the few lodges in Mpumalanga that has no cell reception available at the lodge. Calls can be made from reception and we have free Wi-Fi, but why would you need phones or computers if you can break away and experience the pristine outdoors at Komati Gorge Lodge.

One of the most intimate lodges in Mpumalanga

The Leopard Suites at our 4 Star Lodge is perfect for romantic getaways or honeymoons. A Queen sized bed and a massive tub will ensure comfort and romance while indoors and if you love the outdoors, then you have plenty of activities to choose from. You can go horse riding and for that extra touch of romance, we are one of the few lodges in Mpumalanga that will pack you a picnic basket for your outings.

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, an exciting and fun-filled weekend away with loved ones or a more formal function in the midst of our beautiful canyon, Komati Gorge Lodge is just the place for you. Experience one of the most intimate lodges in Mpumalanga – come and visit our 4 Star Lodge, where your comfort is our priority.



Please be advised that we take a minimum of 2 night bookings over normal weekends and 3 nights over long weekends. All bookings must be confirmed via e-mail


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