From Dullstroom accommodation to Dullstroom weather, here’s all you need to know when staying near Dullstroom

The quaint town of Dullstroom lies in the heart of the eastern highlands of South Africa and is best known as the “fly-fishing capital of Mpumalanga”. Recently the name Emnotweni – Place of Prosperity – was added to the name (Dullstroom-Emnotweni) but it’s still known as our much-loved Dullstroom.
There’s nothing dull about Dullstroom. It’s the perfect breakaway destination for a weekend and there are loads of things to do  … eating, shopping, fishing, hiking, relaxing etc not to mention the great Dullstroom accommodation

accommodation in Dullstroom

What is Dullstroom accommodation like?

Most homes and lodges overlook crystal clear dams stocked with plump trout and the same can be said for most accommodation options in Dullstroom. The region bursts into colour in spring when the surrounding veld becomes a carpet of wild flowers and great Dullstroom weather and scenery lures visitors from all over the country. And in winter – the best time to visit Dullstroom – it’s all about roaring fires, hot chocolate and a good book with the nippy Dullstroom weather that we all love. Komati Gorge is another popular option for those wanting to experience the tranquility of the area and we have some great things to do around here.

The town itself has a wide array of pubs and restaurants so you have a choice between heart-warming pub grub or fine-dining at one of the luxury establishments. Dullstroom accommodation ranges from quaint self-catering chalets to 5-star hotels and lodges.
A tourist website perfectly describes Dullstroom:
“The village of Dullstroom is a rich tapestry; woven from cultures, characters and turn-of-the-century architecture. The result is quaint, picture-postcard perfection.

An easy hour & half drive from Gauteng, this little village is a million miles removed from big city life. Besides being South Africa’s premier fly fishing destination, Dullstroom is also big on the things that make for a great corporate or family getaway.
Gastronomes can indulge in gourmet country cuisine and good wine, while nature lovers can explore an endless range of outdoor pursuits.”

accommodation in Dullstroom

How to get there

The town is situated high up on the eastern escarpment of the Steenkampsberg mountain range in the Highlands Meander region of Mpumalanga, South Africa. Lying between the towns of Belfast and Lydenburg, it’s the gateway to the Panorama Route and ideal for a stop-over enroute to Kruger National Park.
The town is 2 097m above sea level which makes it not only one of the one of the highest towns in South Africa but also one of the coldest in the winter months.

History of Dullstroom

The town is named after its founder, Wolterus Dull, a merchant from Holland. Obviously that’s where the ‘Dull’ comes from. “Stroom” (stream) refers to the Crocodile River that runs through the region.
During the 1880s, President Paul Kruger set up support communities throughout Holland and encouraged the Dutch to consider immigrating to South Africa.

A Dutch company, under the leadership of Wolterus Dull, was established to strengthen ties between the countries. The company provided assistance for families who had suffered great loss during the First Anglo-Boer.

Dull arrived in the region with a group of Dutch emigrants and established the town in 1883. Unfortunately, the rudimentary town was destroyed in the Second Boer War and most of the settlers returned to the Netherlands.

Dullstroom weather

Dullstroom gets very hot in summer and icy cold in winter. Everybody loves Dullstroom in summer but the cold winter days are what make Dullstroom so special. It’s the perfect excuse to wrap up in a blanket and relax in front of a roaring fire. Actually Dullstroom weather is one of the town’s defining characteristics. Dullstroom accommodation or accommodation near Dullstroom often boasts fire-places and a great place to read a book.
The town is well-known for long, lazy days gathered in cosy pubs and enjoying the warmth of a blazing fire or out in the cold, misty outdoors trying your luck at fishing for plump, lazy trout in one of the many village dams. It is summer rainfall regions so although winters get very cold, the days are usually always dry.
During the winter months, the average minimum temperatures vary between 9.2°C in September and 2.4°C in July. Frost is common and snow can also occur from time to time. The coldest night in recent times reached a minimum temperature of -7°C. On average, winter highs vary between 19.7°C in September and 14°C in July.

Annual festivals

Dullstroom Winter Festival
This celebration of winter takes place in July every year is it a great option when looking at seasonal things to do in Dullstroom. Usually the weather obliges and it’s cold, rainy and misty. Visitors snuggle around fireplaces in pubs and restaurants and enjoy whisky, wine, chocolate and cheese tastings. The more adventurous take part in fly-fishing events and mountain biking and trail races. When it comes to Dullstroom accommodation there are great options to choose from near the town itself, and even better options further out towards Machadodorp.
A selection of top-quality music bands descend on Dullstroom to entertain the crowds while kids keep busy at the fun zone. Food stalls and art exhibitions are just a few of the things to enjoy.

Tonteldoos Highlands Festival

The little hamlet of Tonteldoos (tinkerbox) holds a peach harvest country festival every year over the Easter long weekend in April, another option for things to do in Dullstroom. The Tonteldoos Highlands Festival is a nod to its Scottish heritage so expect to see lots of men in kilts. You’ll also enjoy donkey cart rides, watch birds of prey hunting, enjoy a lamb potjie and taste Tonteldoos’ famous peach mampoer. Want to attend? Take your pick of the great Dullstroom accommodation options, or opt for wild and secluded luxury accommodation further afield, like Komati Gorge.

pet friendly accommodation in dullstroom

The first Dutch immigrants planted beech and elm trees in the valley and they continue to thrive in the region because the cold highland weather is perfect for them. The cool waters are perfect for trout and today trout tourism is the town’s main source of income. The weather in Dullstroom is one of its biggest attractions.

Many people look at finding pet friendly accommodation in Dullstroom and there are some great options available. Komati Gorge is is one great option to consider when looking at pet friendly accommodation in Dullstroom.

Dullstroom fauna and flora

Dullstroom is famous for a few endangered animal and plant species that are found in the area. Three endangered cranes and a rare wattled crane are particularly unique to the region.
The Verloren Valley has been declared a Ramsar site as it is host to a wide variety of field orchids. The beautiful yellow arum lily, the Reitzii aloe and a rare orchid species are found in the Tonteldoos area.
The best time to visit Dullstroom to see the wildflowers is in summer, between November and January.

Things to do in Dullstroom

What to do in Dullstroom is not the issue. It’s a case of “do we have enough time to do all the things there are to do in Dullstroom?” Of course, that means you have to come back again… and again.


If you’re trying fly-fishing for the first time, you can go to Mavungana Fly-fishing for all the kit you need and a lesson on how to catch an elusive Rainbow trout. Most guest lodges and hotels have their own trout dams on site but if you’re staying in town, you can fish at one of the town dams.
Visit the caravan park main gate to find out where to go. You need a fishing permit (valid Mpumalanga Angling License) which you can get from The Village Angler in town.
A few dams stock large-mouth bass. They put up a good fight and it’s a challenge to catch one on a fly.

Top fishing spots for holiday makers

Dullstroom town dams: Both town dams are open to all members of the public and can be accessed through the caravan park gate and Oaklane private gate only. The lower dam is strictly a ‘catch and release’ trophy dam. Catch limits apply to the upper dam. Float tubes are only allowed on the upper dam, at an additional cost.

Onvervallei Farm: Experienced guides from Mavungana Fly-fishing centre will take you to a 2km stretch of river on the upper Crocodile River. Perfect for day visitors and ‘catch and release’ applies. Bookings are essential.

Laverpa: a 7km drive from Dullstroom towards Lydenburg. Three well-stocked dams; catch and release only. Bookings essential.
Bird of Prey Centre Lake: visible from the road as you enter Dullstroom village from the Johannesburg side. Catch and release only.

Fish Eagle Pond: all method of fishing allowed and no ‘catch and release’ applies.

Elandskloof Trout Dams: ten well-stocked dams with camping and self-catering chalet accommodation.
Dunkeld Country Estate: thirteen dams, visitors with day permits are welcome.

Glenshee Farm: 6km drive from Machadodorp. Glenshee offers 2 trout dams and a bass dam suitable for float tubes and kick boats. Glenshee has its own hatchery and the waters are regularly stocked with Rainbow and Golden trout. Day visitors are welcome.

Valley of the Rainbow Mountain Fly-fishing Estate and Nature Reserve: lying in a basin surrounded by mountains, indigenous forests and crystal-clear rivers, this is a stunning spot for some fly-fishing. A river runs through the property and feeds five lakes stocked with rainbow and brown trout: ‘catch and release’ only. For first time fly-fishing, sign up for a few lessons and there are rods and equipment for hire.


Treat yourself to 18-holes at a world-class golf course, nestled in the Steenkampsberg mountain range near Dullstroom. Situated on the prestigious Highland Gate Golf and Trout estate, it is an Ernie Els signature golf course and rated as one of the best in South Africa. The course is set among some of the most scenic mountainous terrain so expect it to be challenging. Golf carts are available for hire.

Here’s what Ernie Else had to say about the course:
“Whenever I go back to Highland Gate I’m always taken aback by the sheer beauty of the place. There is a grandeur to this scenery that reminds me of the Scottish Highlands; a place such as Gleneagles for instance. It has that same epic scale with expansive views that seem to go on forever. And the cool-season grasses we have here bless the course with an amazing vibrancy. Take it from me, a world-class golf course in such a unique and special setting as this is a rare combination.

Another of the things I love about Highland Gate is that with every hole you play, the views go in different directions. In terms of conditioning, the attention to detail is of the highest standard and the quality of the greens is right up there with the very best putting surfaces in South Africa.”


Get up close and personal with majestic raptors under the care of the Birds of Prey Rehabilitation Centre. Every year hundreds of raptors are injured or killed by vehicles, fences, traps, power lines, poisons and illegal hunting. Injured raptors are brought to the centre to be rehabilitated and where possible, released back into the world.

Day visitors are treated to flying displays and can handle the birds. The birds are flown purely to keep them fit and to help them grow stronger. This is necessary for birds that are able to return to the wild. Some birds cannot be released because they have been too badly injured. The centre then becomes their new home.
Birds of Prey also have a successful controlled captive breeding programme. The centre is doing its bit to safeguard the future of endangered species and re-establishing viable populations.

Whisky tastings

Whisky to Dullstroom is what fine wine is to the Cape. Not surprising the town’s Scottish history has bred an appreciation for good whisky among locals. The best place to visit for whisky tasting is the Wild about Whisky Pub. You’ll be guided through the process by a knowledgeable whisky guru and can enjoy food pairings with the different malts.
Wild about Whisky was established as a cosy whisky bar by a trio of whisky lovers. Today it boasts having the largest whisky menu in the southern hemisphere. Tastings are two-fold; not only are they extremely informative for visitors, it also means the owners get feedback on which whisky’s are popular and which can be dropped off the menu.

Craft beer tastings

Dullstroom has caught up with the craft beer movement and you can savour the taste of slow-brewed craft beer at Anvil Ale Brewery. Make yourself at home in their quaint stone pub and get to know more about the process. The brewery sits on the edge of the escarpment on the Lydenburg side of town so panoramic views are an added bonus.

Not only is the craft beer good, you can enjoy a wonderful array of home-cooked local fare such as delicious German sausage sampled with relishes and mustard or boozy chocolate rum cake. Paying homage to Dullstroom, smoked trout scrambled egg and trout quiches are just a few of the popular favourites.

Coffee tasting

When you’ve had enough whisky and craft beer, treat yourself to excellent coffee at Beans about Coffee Roastery. The owners roast their own coffee beans and make their own blends from various African and South American beans. When you’ve picked the one you like the most, take a bag home with you.


When the men go fishing, the ladies go shopping in Dullstroom.

Here a few of the favourite outlets in town:
Wild ‘n Woolly: for a fine selection of hand-made mohair products, mahogany furniture and beautiful country clothing.
The Clock Shop: a whole shop dedicated to clocks of every shape and size
Christmas Shop: this delightful little shop is the only one in South Africa that sells Christmas goodies all year long. The top-quality Christmas decorations are sourced from Holland and Germany.

The sweet shop at The Old Transvaal Inn: this shop is an institution and should not be entered into if you’re on the Banting diet.
Trams: for antiques and collectables
Delagoa: one of the finest shops for African art
Bo-Peep: hand-picked selection of gifts, collectables and books
The Shop@67: situated next to the Mayfly restaurant; stocks a wide range of décor items, gifts, well-known clothing brands, products for outdoor activities and art supplies.

Nature reserves

Dullstroom Nature Reserve is the ideal place to escape for peace and tranquillity. It is situated along the Crocodile River in the magnificent Steenkamp’s Berg Valley. The fishing dams at the reserve are stocked with plump trout but if you’re not into fishing, a hike through the unusual vegetation is a must. The reserve serves to protect a large range of indigenous flowering plants and a small wetland.
You have a choice of self-catering chalets or camping and caravanning facilities.

Horse riding

Take in the magnificent scenery on the back of one of the many gentle horses from the Dullstroom Riding Centre, located on Elandskloof Trout Farm. The Centre offers a variety of trails that cater for everyone; from first-timers to experienced rider. The guides are experienced riders who make sure you feel comfortable and safe at all times.


The best way to explore the area is on foot. Dullstroom is popular as a base for hikers who come back regularly for the wide variety of hiking trails that have been established in the area.

The most popular trails are:
Ama Poot-Poot Trail on the Uitvlugt Ponds Game Farm: There are two one-day circular trails on this beautiful private game farm; 13km or 6km, 19kms in total. It’s a fairly easy walk that leads to a 10m high waterfall. The base camp accommodates 24 hikers.
The Num Num Hiking Trail: This is a moderate to difficult trail that is 3 to 5 days long. The hike takes you across changing landscapes to breath-taking view points. Challenging swing bridges and rope ladders add to the excitement. This hike is for fit walkers and children must be 12 years and older.
Elangeni Hiking Trail in Waterval Boven (1 hour’s drive from Dullstroom): Enjoy a fairly challenging 2-day hike along the banks of the Elands River. Hikers cover 14km on the first day and 7kms on the second day takes you back to the base camp. The overnight hut has four rooms and a deck overlooking the magnificent escarpment. You can choose to camp or stay in a chalet at the base camp.
Wathaba Hiking Trail in Machadodorp (45 minute drive from Dullstroom): The Lynx Loop is a 10km trail through a nature conservation. It’s an easy to moderate day hike that follows a well-worn path.

hiking trails near dullstroom

There are five waterfalls along the route and you can stop off at one of the many crystal-clear natural pools for a swim. You need to be fairly fit to tackle the steps, bridges and rope ladders along the trail.
Bosboekroete: Enjoy a leisurely 4km hike along a well-marked path that winds its way through a forest. You’ll cross crystal-clear rivers and streams and enjoy a swim and picnic in the Balk Ibis Gorge. The trail leads back to the Wathaba Rainbow Falls and rock pool.

Clay shooting

Make your way to Field and Stream to try your hand at clay pigeon shooting. It’s only a short drive out of Dullstroom on the Tonteldoos road. Wingers Bush Bar and the clay pigeon shooting range are situated at the end of the farm and open most Saturdays from 10am. The farm is also a popular destination for fly-fishing.

Water sports

Kwena Dam is ideally situated between Lydenburg and Machadodorp and only a short drive from Dullstroom; it is easily accessible from the N4 highway. Lying in the vast Kwena Basin, it’s renowned for its beauty and tranquillity.
It’s popular for those into water sports such as boating and fishing, in particular carp and bass. It’s the ideal spot for a lovely picnic.
Kwena Dam is a combined gravity- and arch-type dam located on the Crocodile River, near Lydenburg, and provides the area with irrigation water for farming. The name means ‘crocodile’ which comes from the Crocodile River that feeds into it.
A selection of fairly basic camping and self-catering accommodation is available at the dam or close by. A popular place to stay is Klipfontein Bush Camp which is situated on 160 hectares of farmland in the Kwena Basin. It overlooks the dam and has spectacular views of the Steenkamps Mountains.

Mountain biking

Bring your own mountain bike or hire one from Cosy Alley (next to The Duck & Trout restaurant). You can take a leisurely ride around the surrounding fields or you can pick one of the many weekend races to participate in.
Popular local rides include:

Dullstroom to Tonteldoos and back: 46km on a dirt road with very little traffic and very safe. Involves a few steep climbs soon after leaving Dullstroom but the route gradually levels out. Stop mid-way at Pendlehill Dairy/Cheese Farm & Restaurant. Fuel up as the ride back is mostly uphill.
Kruisfontein Loop: 43kms in total, on a dirt road except for 5km tar stretch. The route can be done clockwise (out of Dullstroom) or anti-clockwise (a bit easier) depending where you’re based. Enjoy stunning views over the escarpment and down into Kwena Basin at the top of the Wickhams climb.
T6 Tonteldoos-De Berg ring road: 75km in total; mostly dirt, some tar. Start in Dullstroom and make your way to Tonteldoos. At some point, you will be close to the highest point – De Berg on the Steenkampsberg – of Mpumalanga. There’s an extremely good chance of snow in winter so be very careful when setting out in cold and misty winter weather. The final ascent is to the Lydenburg road. It’s not a circular route so you’ll have to arrange to be picked up and taken back to Dullstroom. It’s only for experienced and fit riders.

Kruisfontein/Machadodorp ring road: 33 kms in total, mostly on dirt with an 11km stretch of tar. Start in Dullstroom and make your way to the Belfast road. Continue along quiet farm roads until you descend to the Crocodile River and end at the Birds of Prey Centre. Experience and fitness is required; there are a few steep climbs to tackle.
Railway track: start in Dullstroom and make your way to the Dullstroom Dam and caravan park. Follow the railway line on the jeep track through rolling hills and valleys until you reach Santa Farm just past Walkersons Country Estate. Turn your mountain bike around and head home.

De Berg road and back: 42 km on a dirt road, with about 8km of jeep track. Start in Dullstroom and make your way to the Dullstroom dam and caravan park. You can turn around at any point or continue past the Dullstroom Nature Reserve along the De Berg road. The route takes you past beautiful farms and the views are spectacular. Keep an eye out for Blue and Crowned crane, the Bald-headed Ibis and a variety of raptors. As you descend down the other side of the climb you pass through a wetland area in Veloren Valei that is home to a variety of rare endemic ground orchids.

Elandskloof, Winnaarspoort and Kloppenheim: 76km in total on dirt road with 12km stretch of tar. Start in Dullstroom and make your way to the Belfast road. Ride on the edge of the escarpment and enjoy panoramic views over Kwena Basin. Ride through beautiful bluegum plantations and continue on to Machadodorp town. Wind your way to Kruisfontein road and drop down to the Crocodile River until you reach the tar road at the Birds of Prey Centre. Ride back to Dullstroom.

Famous restaurants in Dullstroom

Mrs Simpsons: This heart-warming restaurant is so popular you literally have to book a week in advance if you are there over a busy weekend. The food is great and the atmosphere is unique. It boasts a string of culinary awards but the warm welcome and friendly service tops your reason to visit this lovely restaurant.

Pickles and Things: one of Dullstroom’s most popular delicatessens, your main reason to visit is for its fine selection of coffee. You can order coffee off the menu or grind your own beans and brew a cup for yourself. It’s the best spot for a good breakfast after an early morning on the dams fly-fishing.

The Mayfly Restaurant & Cocktail Bar: The food is delicious, the view is spectacular and the service is friendly and welcoming. There’s something for everyone on the menu.

Harries Pancakes: A franchise of the world-famous pancake house in Graskop, this café-style restaurant does Harry proud. Make sure you arrive with an empty stomach as the long list of pancake fillings means you have to try at least a few of them. You can share with a friend.

coffee shop in dullstroom

Papa Luca: This is your typical Italian restaurant with a Dullstroom flair. The food isn’t fussy; just good, home-cooked faire to warm the cockles of your heart on a cold winters day.

Duck & Trout Restaurant: Probably one of the more famous restaurants in Dullstroom, it’s where the locals hang out. Nothing fancy, just good wholesome food. Don’t expect fast service on a busy weekend but that’s why you’re in Dullstroom. To kick back and relax. It’s a good meeting place if you’re waiting for friends to join you in Dullstroom as it’s the first pub you come to as you arrive in town. Try their pizzas – they’re delicious.

Good restaurants in Dullstroom at upmarket hotels

The Trout Lake Bistro at Critchley Hackle is located in a scenic setting overlooking a dam. The view is only surpassed by the menu that includes items with locally-sourced produce. The Duck Pond Bar offers a wide selection of whisky and fine wine.

The restaurant at Walkersons Hotel and Spa is a real treat and a break from the more casual meals at restaurants in town. It’s a bit more pricey but visitors say it’s well worth it. The award-winning restaurant not only boasts a scenic setting but dining at Walkersons is a celebration of the senses.

Good restaurants in Dullstroom at upmarket hotels

The Trout Lake Bistro at Critchley Hackle is located in a scenic setting overlooking a dam. The view is only surpassed by the menu that includes items with locally-sourced produce. The Duck Pond Bar offers a wide selection of whisky and fine wine.

The restaurant at Walkersons Hotel and Spa is a real treat and a break from the more casual meals at restaurants in town. It’s a bit more pricey but visitors say it’s well worth it. The award-winning restaurant not only boasts a scenic setting but dining at Walkersons is a celebration of the senses.

Must-see destinations within an 80km radius of Dullstroom

Dullstroom is the gateway to the best Mpumalanga has to offer. On the edge of the Highveld escarpment, the choice of which direction to take when you leave Dullstroom is endless:


Close neighbour to Dullstroom, the region is also an extension of the fly-fishing world. It’s not as commercially developed as Dullstroom but it has its own charm; with tree-lined streets and sweeping views of the Highveld grasslands. You can relax at a self-catering cottage on one of the many farms that open their homes to tourists or you can strap on your boots and go for a lovely, long hike in the hills.


The original farm was called “Geluk” (happiness) and that’s the perfect reason to visit this area. The Elands River runs through the town and they say the natural sulphur spring has healing properties. The town itself is small and functional, providing what’s needed for those on route to their country homes. You’ll find yourself at a self-catering cottage or guest house that caters for those looking for a complete escape from the city.

Waterval Boven

The town was named after the waterfall in the Elands River; in Dutch it means ‘Above the waterfall’. The town hangs off the edge of the escarpment that is part of the Drakensberg mountain range. The area is rich in history as it was a strategic vantage point during the Anglo-Boer Wars.

Kwena Dam

This important dam lies in the basin between Machadodorp and Lydenburg. It’s a vast expanse of water, stretching to the mountains in the far distance. The Crocodile River flows into Kwena Dam, which is where it got its name from (Kwena meaning crocodile).
Most visitors go to Kwena Dam for a host of outdoor activities, including different water sports and of course, fishing. Guest houses on different farms have accommodation and the package usually includes outdoor adventures.


Badplaas lies at the foot of the Hlumuhlumu Mountains and is most famous for its mineral springs. Another popular attraction is the Emanzana Private Nature Reserve. Badplaas Resort boasts a magical Hydro and visitors flock there for holidays. This list of things to do in and around Badplaas is endless and mostly involves hiking and walking and game viewing.


This area is famous for its pancake houses and God’s Window. Stand on the edge of the Drakensberg escarpment and enjoy panoramic views of the Lowveld. Visitors to the area enjoy a wide variety of activities, including walks and hikes in the mountain or horse riding and mountain bike rides. There is a lovely selection of walks that take you to waterfalls and crystal-clear ponds.
Graskop grew out of the gold mining era and the area is rich in history. Today timber is the main industry but a lot of the character of the town is based on those old mining days.

Blyde River Canyon

Every tourism website for Mpumalanga features the spectacular Blyde River Canyon. The gorge is the third largest in the world and definitely one of South Africa’s most beautiful natural wonders. Take a boat cruise and gaze in awe at the mountains that tower over the lake or stand on the top of the escarpment and enjoy panoramic views. Three majestic rocks rise up out of the gorge and are known as the “Three Rondavels” (huts).
Blyde River means “river of joy” and the Treur River means “river of sorrow”. The two meet in the gorge at a geological wonderland called Bourke’s Luck Potholes. Over many centuries, the swirling water created cylindrical rock pools. The walk to Bourke’s Luck Potholes is part of the enjoyment.


Sabie won the prestigious title of “Best town in South Africa” in 2012 and is much-loved by locals and visitors. Most visitors head there for three reasons: mountain hikes and bike rides, the magnificent scenery or to eat at one of the many popular restaurants. The town is geared around the timber industry and you’ll drive through beautiful timber forests on a scenic drive to Sabie.

Lone Creek Waterfall

Get an early start to your day and catch the sunrise over the Lone Creek Waterfall in Sabie. Located only 200m from the parking area and 9km from the Sabie old tarred road, the falls sets the scene for a romantic stroll through a beautiful, indigenous forest.
The National Monument is a drop of 68m and is sure to take your breath away. Enjoy a breakfast picnic and pop a bottle of champagne.

Pilgrim’s Rest

This quaint village looks like it has stood still in time. The town was a central trading post during the gold mining era and many of the old miner’s houses have been beautifully restored. You can enjoy a tour to historical sites and soak up the history of the area at the Alanglade House Museum and Dredzen Shop Museum. You can even try your hand at panning for gold.

Kruger National Park

This great icon needs no introduction. Otherwise known as the “People’s Park” because it is easily accessible for locals, Kruger Park is home to the Big 5. You can stay overnight at one of the many camps or go in for the day.

Sterkspruit Nature Reserve

Features gorgeous cliffs, woodland and kloofs for hiking and bird watching along this beautiful stream, filled with rainbow and brown trout. Similar reserves in the area include the Ohrigstad Dam Nature Reserve, just 74km from Dullstroom, and Loskop Dam Nature Reserve, 84km distant.

Loskop Dam

A popular destination for water-skiing, swimming and boating and is home to several species of antelope, including the world’s largest – the Eland, while water slides and swimming pools add an element of fun for the young at heart.

Loskop Dam Nature Reserve

Nestled around the Loskop Dam, where a range of activities such as swimming, water-skiing and boating can be enjoyed, the reserve is also home to a variety of antelope, including the majestic Eland.

Kaapsehoop Escarpment Walk

A short hike from Kaapsehoop will take you to the very edge of the escarpment for breath-taking views over the Barberton Valley. Welcome the day as the sun rises over the horizon, or toast its setting from this incredible vantage point.
These magnificent waterfalls offer cool respite – indulge in a natural massage under the 30m high Battery Creek Falls, just outside of Kaapsehoop, or spend a peaceful afternoon next relaxing at the Lone Creek Falls in Sabie.

Orighstad Dam Nature Reserve

Wild grasslands, vast expanses of water and spellbinding mountain vistas offer the perfect place to unwind for a few hours’ in this private nature reserve.

El Dorian Trail at Carolina

Explore some 20 000 hectares of mountain wilderness that surround Carolina with an enjoyable hike or horse ride through a variety of rugged landscapes, teeming with birds and wildlife.

Sterkspruit Nature Reserve

This small reserve is home to a plethora of rich grasslands, rugged kloofs, tinkling streams and thick woodlands, and is great for fly-fishing, bird watching and hiking.

Important numbers


  • Ambulance 10177 or 013 282-0911
  • Midmed hospital 013 282-6143
  • Lydenburg hospital 013 235-2233
  • Dullstroom Pharmacy 013 254-0407
  • SAPS 013 254-0141
  • Post Office 013 254-0470
  • Fire Fighting 083 301-2911