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April 2016

Rock-climbing at Komati Gorge – an unforgettable experience

Rock climbing at Komati Gorge is one the most extreme things to do in Mpumalanga.  When you feel adventurous, and you love to rock climb but want to stay in lap of comfort with four star luxury, what better place to stay than at Komati Gorge.  By staying at Komati Gorge you sooth that risk-taking […]

Things to do in Mpumalanga – 4 x 4 trail drives

Have a 4 x 4 vehicle and looking for things to do in Mpumalanga.  Do you need an adrenaline packed experience to relieve the stresses of everyday life or do you need a place to just hang out with your friends who all own 4 x 4 drives and would like to put their vehicles […]