Rock climbing at Komati Gorge is one the most extreme things to do in Mpumalanga.  When you feel adventurous, and you love to rock climb but want to stay in lap of comfort with four star luxury, what better place to stay than at Komati Gorge.  By staying at Komati Gorge you sooth that risk-taking outdoor daredevil in you, while staying at an exclusive lodge that makes you feel like you in the comfort of your home.

Make it a group activity if your friends also like rock climbing and are adrenaline junkies like you.  Komati Gorge is well known as one of the top lodges offering accommodation in Mpumalanga. And they always welcome big groups or teams to tackle the various outdoor sports.

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Rock climbing At Komati Gorge

Things to know about rock climbing

Rock climbing is a risky and dangerous sport.  It takes lot of practice, stamina and strength to do rock climbing in Mpumalanga. Make sure that you were trained by an experienced rock climber before you climb and start training in an indoor rock climbing facility first.  That way you gain muscle strength and confidence in using your equipment.  Make sure that you exercise a lot as cramps and stiffness halfway up a rock face can lead to fatal injuries.

Different types of climbing

  • Aid climbing is used in climbing huge walls where progress is made by repeatedly placing and weighting gear that is used in aiding the ascent. This enhances safety.
  • Free climbing is ascending climbs where the climbers own physical strength and skills are used to accomplish the climb.
  • Bouldering is climbing short low routes without using a safety rope.
  • Solo-climbing is where a climber is climbing without a belayer aiding him.
  • Deep-water soloing is when a climber climbs without equipment but if he falls he falls into deep water.
  • Roped solo climbing is when a climber climbs with a rope which allows him to self-belay.

Safety tips for rock climbing at Komati Gorge

  • Before rock climbing check the weather.
  • Find out when the climb is going to take place long before the date, and inform the management at Komati Gorge that you will be rock climbing and tell them the location.
  • The buddy system works well in rock climbing as it increases the safety of the climb. Also make sure that you first check your equipment and, as a further safety feature be sure to check each other’s equipment. When you gear up always check that the harnesses are correct, that they are tied into therope at the route base and that the climber and belayer’s harness buckles are properly doubled baas well as that the leg loops are snug and adjustable..

    komati shoes

    Rock Climbing Shoes

  • Check that all knots are properly done.

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    Rock Climbing Knot

  • Be sure to always wear a climbing helmet for safety.
  • Always double check the roper and belay device.
  • Make sure that your rope is long enough.
  • Pay attention to the leader above you as he takes the risk of a fall.
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    Rock Climbing Gear

    Make sure that when you pack your gear that you always have enough with you.

  • When you climb always make sure that you climb with the rope over your leg.
  • When you clip your rope through the carabiners make sure that it always withdraws correctly.
  • While climbing, make sure that you use safety anchors. Two or three is better when you are at the top of a route.
  • Remove all things attached to your arms, legs or neck such as rings, watches, bracelets, and necklaces as these things can get snagged on rock features.
  • Commands between the climber and belayer should be easy to understand and make sure that you speak loud enough to hear each other properly.
  • Make sure that you wear the correct climbing shoes as the wrong shoes, as for example, tennis shoes can be slippery and this can be detrimental while climbing.

Komati Gorge has four marked rock climbing trails and nobody is allowed to climb them unless they sign an indemnity form.  The lodge is standing on a 2000 hectare piece of land with many mountains and plenty of rock faces to climb.  Imagine the satisfaction when reach the top of that rock face feeling like you just conquered the world.

Reaching the top of the Rock Face