Have a 4 x 4 vehicle and looking for things to do in Mpumalanga.  Do you need an adrenaline packed experience to relieve the stresses of everyday life or do you need a place to just hang out with your friends who all own 4 x 4 drives and would like to put their vehicles through its paces?

Go for 4 x4 trail driving with your friends. Its one of the popular things to do in Mpumalanga.

Go for 4 x4 trail driving with your friends. Its one of the popular things to do in Mpumalanga.

Then Komati Gorge is your answer.  Book in for a weekend to experience their 4 x4 trail.  Their luxurious four star Dullstroom accommodation and facilities are the epitome of modern, comfortable living and their surrounding areas are a treasure of unspoilt beauty.

Experience one of the famous things to do in Mpumalanga 

Our trail here at Komati Gorge is thrilling and awe-inspiring as it crosses a winding river which can flow pretty strong after a good bout of rain, which can cause the trail to be quite wet and muddy.   It is also rather rocky in some places and that can lead to quite a nerve wrecking experience.  Beware if you not a seasoned 4 x 4 driver, stay away from Scaredy Cat Loop as that part of the trail is not for the fainthearted.

 4 X 4 Drivers knows that safety measures are always crucial to any trail ride

  • Always make sure that someone at Komati Gorge knows that you on the trail and when to expect you back and try to always drive in pairs so that another vehicle will be available to pull you out if you get stuck
  • Make sure that you have a survival kit in the vehicle
  • Make sure that everything in vehicle is tied down
  • Seatbelt compulsory as you will be jostled about
  • If you tired, quit as off road driving requires concentration
  • Keep arms and legs and inside vehicle as they can be crushed if vehicle rolls over
  • Lock vehicle down if you stop in precarious places as it can roll away from
  • You should handle the winches and high-lift straps very carefully and confirm that everything is in order before using it as faulty gear can lead to fatal accidents.

Driving your 4 x 4 has its own type of rules and precautions

Sand driving means you need to choose a gear that allows the engine to rev slightly high as it helps you through deep areas in the road.  Don’t use brakes while driving in sand as you will create small heaps of sand in front of the wheels.  When you get stuck in sand, dig away the sand in front of the wheels and place things like car mats or branches under the wheels that will give traction.

Driving in mud whether it’s thick or slippery can be tricky.  Reduce tyre pressure and switch over to a lower gear to get enough speed and momentum.  When you get stuck follow same procedure as when you get stuck in the sand.

4 x 4 Offroad Mud driving.

4 x 4 Offroad Mud driving.

Water crossing can be a big problem if you not familiar with your vehicle.  Check the terrain surrounding the water.  A rocky terrain means rocks in the water.  Disconnect your fan belt before entering the water or jam it. Cross at an angle that is a little bit against the flow and when in water maintain steady speed, don’t spin the wheels as tyres that are wet can get cut easily by the rocks.

Water Crossing with your 4 x 4 Offroad Vehicle

Water Crossing with your 4 x 4 Offroad Vehicle

Driving on one of the most spectacular 4 x 4 trails in Mpumalanga you get a panoramic view that can only be seen as some of “God’s Best work”.  The scenery is unspoilt and breath-taking, and there is a good chance that you will see abundance of wildlife such as leopards, blue wildebeest, brown hyena, different types of buck and jackals, zebras and numerous other wildlife species. The fauna and flora that you will see on this trail is a botanists dream.

Experiencing this exhilarating 4 x 4 Mpumalanga trail while staying in one of the best sought after accommodation in Mpumalanga is a dream come true.

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